Men & Women Barefoot And Lightweight Running Shoes

Recent studies of running and fitness training have shown a lot of benefits of “Barefoot Running”. However, there are people who think that barefoot running or running shoesless is a very risky business. Most of the people become cynical, when they first hear about barefoot running; they say it’s not practical at all. After all, you need shoes to protect your feet from any injury. But, the truth is that shoes are not necessary. The idea of running barefoot strengthens your feet and running in shoe actually weakens your feet and makes them more prone to injury. If you are trying barefoot running then start gradually. Runner’s with medical issues such as high arches, flat-feet should only try after consulting with Podiatrists.

Here, some examples of shoes that are the latest in the style and also add benefits of barefoot running to your life:

Women’s Barefoot Running Shoes

MEN’s Barefoot Running Shoes:

4. Vivobarefoot Men’s Breatho Trail Running Shoe

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Vivobarefoot Men’s Breatho

Everyone loves to run fast on their shoes. However, these are the most comfortable shoes from Vivobarefoot for people looking for comfort, so just choose these shoes with no further selection. You can expect to find an abundance of cushioning and comfort with a shoe in mesh material and best rubber sole which offers best traction to the foot. There is a dri-lex lightweight lining in the shoe to help the feet in easy breathability. The zigzag webbing with lock-lacing system looks not only trendy, but keeps your foot secure from any sort of injury. The off-road barefoot traction outsole allows the foot to stay easily in form.

3. ZEMgear Men’s Terra Split Toe Shoes

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ZEMgear Men’s Terra Split Toe Shoes

Run like never before in Terra Split shoes from ZEMgear. These shoes are ideally designed for fitness freaks who love running barefoot and like trail activities, be it indoor, outdoor or in gyms. There is an unobstructed sensory feedback in the shoe during all running activities and grants maximal freedom to the foot to breathe and enjoy the barefoot feel. The shoe is made up of fabric that is very comfortable for foot and has a rubber sole for ultimate traction. This shoe strengthens the natural arch and re-conditions feet in order to help it run barefoot. The plus point of this shoe is its ability to improve balance and tackle propriocepation issues.

2. Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa – Men’s

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Vibram FiveFingers

Barefoot running is an exciting alternative to road and treadmill running, and Vibram’s shoes are apt for a perfect journey. This is the best shoe with new options for runners who want a minimal rubber thickness in the outsole to give them a great foot-feel and apt flexibility. The shoe has a soft TPU midsole which further reduces thickness and helps in offering foot, easy natural movement while running. There is a single-layer of mesh for providing best breathable stretch to the foot. The shoe’s best feature is that, it has a stitched-in polyurethane insole which protects the skin and foot tissue from any type of injury during longer runs.

1. Merrell Men’s Trail Glove Trail Running Shoe

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Merrell Men’s Trail Glove

Ideal companion of every runner who loves running through mud or terrains and offers an easy traction on angled surfaces. This shoe knows how to tackle the toughest of the surfaces and keep your foot ultra lightweight. The shoe is made up of the best quality mesh material with a sturdy rubber sole to keep the longevity of the shoe. It has a hex-flex moisture management insole to offer easy breathability and grip to your foot. The off-road barefoot traction outsole designed to provide support to the foot, while being ultra-thin to make the most of propriocepation. The zigzag webbing with lock-lacking system not only looks modish but also makes it the best running trail shoe.

Women’s Barefoot Running Shoes:

4. Vivo Barefoot Breatho

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Vivobarefoot Women’s Breatho

VivoBarefoot Lady Running Shoes is an ultimate running shoe providing maximum protection and comfort to the feet. The thin sole of 4.0 mm height keeps the feet extremely close to the ground giving a feeling of barefoot running. The thin EVA sole gives slight cushioning and keeps the shoe at a low profile. The upper is made of nylon mesh that is flexible and gives a seamless feel to the feet. The EVO shoe has a 4mm thin puncture resistant sole that is covered with a removable bamboo charcoal foam foot bed. The running shoe has been shaped to expand and contract with every step of the foot. This shoe has a complete feminine look and gives a modern vibe.

3. New Balance Barefoot

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New Balance

New Balance Women’s WT10v2 Minimus Trail Running Shoe is an extremely lightweight comfortable shoe. It provides the similar comfort with or without socks. The Vibram rubber soles provide a lightweight performance with a good grip and traction. The EVA midsoles provide a featherweight cushioning and flexibility in the movement of the feet. The polyester lining in the interior takes away the perspiration from the feet and keep the feet comfortable, cool, and dry and odour free. The New Balance barefoot trail shoes are easy to clean and can be maintained easily. They can be used in rain as they dry very quickly.

2. Vibram Five-fingers KMD

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Vibram FiveFingers

Vibram Five-fingers KMD Sport LS are the most versatile sport shoes for women. The Vibram five fingers provide a range of updated comfort and support to the feet. These shoes can accommodate high instep or any form of wide feet with their lacing system. The laces provide a customised fit and a rip and stick tab holds the laces in place. The Vibram Five-fingers KMD Sport LS can be easily cleaned by washing in cold water and allowing it to air dry in a cool dry place. These shoes have a unique quality to stimulate the muscles and exercise the feet while running and doing other activities.

1. Merrell Women’s Barefoot

Best minimalist running shoes for women

Merrell Women’s Barefoot Pace Glove

Merrell Barefoot Pace Glove is known to give a mimic of bare foot running and walking experience. They are good for walking on pavements or trailing or on treadmill. This barefoot glove gives a snug fit with a broad space to fit wide feet. It comes with an anti-microbial shield to make it odorless. As the name suggests this is a light weight shoe that fits on the feet like a glove. There is variety of attractive colors in this shoe. It is one best soft track shoe which can be worn throughout the day. There is elastic at the back for flexibility in fitting.