Basketball is one of the most popular recreational sports today. There aren’t a lot of parks out there that don’t give residents of the town to shoot some hoops with their friends, play on a team at the local YMCA, or even play in your own driveway or street. Shoe companies have made a fortune off of basketball shoes that are promised to make you jump like Michael Jordan, run like Kobe Bryant, and move like Shaq. Basketball shoes have created names for some companies like Nike and Addidas. These promises are enough for people to rush to their local mall and buy the best basketball sneakers that money can buy. Basketball shoes are no ordinary shoes, they have special features that contribute to basketball skills such as jumping and balance. Consumers will spend over a hundred dollar on the perfect basketball shoe, promised to improve their game.

Shoe branding is high in basketball shoes. Air Jordan’s are one of the top selling basketball shoes, not only in this country, but also all over the world. The line of shoes has created more than a shoe line but also a long lasting fashion trend for Nike. Now, it has been some time since Michael Jordan has played basketball and new players are taking the sport by storm representing different basketball shoes. So in today’s market, would Jordan’s still hold the top spot for the best basketball shoe? This is a top ten list, of the best basketball shoes on the market today.

10.Nike Mens Air Jordan Retro 10


Air Jordan Retro are a new member of the Nike Air Jordan line that combines the greatest features of other Jordan shoes. The Retro’s are a combination of several Jordan and Air Force Once Sneakers. These sneakers were designed based on the shoes Michael Jordan used to wear to practice games. These shoes feature a rubber sole, rubber tongue, and come in a variety of different colors. Air Jordan retro sneakers are trying to make the ultimate sneaker that combines consumer’s favorite features of other sneakers. This Jordan shoe kicks off our list of the best basketball shoes with the number ten spot.

9. Nike Huarache


These sneakers are keeping Nike a float in the top ten-basketball shoe countdown. Nike Huarache basketball sneakers are less bulky then most basketball sneakers. Consumers love how they can move around easy while wearing Nike Huarache. The high top and cut out detail provide optimal ankle support when out on the courts. The Nike air unit in the heel provides for optimal cushion support inside the sneaker, saving your feet from pain and soreness. Nike Huarache basketball sneakers are well ventilated for maximum airflow to prevent moisture build up while on the playing field.

8. Nike The Overplay VII


These basketball shoes are popular among consumers for their stylish design and optimal comfort on the courts. These Basketball Shoes have a rubber sole for optimal grip. The top of the shoes uses a combination of synthetics that make the shoe comfortable to wear by your ankles. The mid-sole uses Nike air units to provide cushioning for your feet. Herringbone pattern with pivot point at outsole for multidirectional moves, kepping you upright whilst changing directions quickly. These Basketball Shoes are durable and have a longer life span then most other basketball shoes. Consumers rave this product for their style and comfort on and off the court.

7. Air Jordan Melo M7

Air Jorden Melo 7

These are striking through our top ten list with their impact support and sir flow. Air Jordan Melo M7’s are made of full-grain leather that keep from wear and tear on the court. The max air cushioning makes the impact of jumping and running easy on your feet. The synthetic upper section of the sneaker provides for flexibility and comfort around the ankles when moving around on the court. These shoes are built for comfort while moving around on the basketball court, making them a top competitor on our list.

6. NIKE Air Jordan I


Sometimes retro is the way to go, which is why NIKE Air Jordan I’s are taking the number six spot in the countdown of the best basketball shoes. They sport foam around the top of the shoe for ankle support that is not going to rub or agitate your ankles. The rubber sole provides of optimal grip on the court allowing you to move with ease. The air sole unit provides proper cushioning on the heel easing the impact of jumping and running. NIKE Air Jordan I are kicking it old school, but they still rank high in quality and comfort.

5. Converse Men’s For Three

Converse men

Converse Men’s For Three Mid Basketball shoes are optimal for basketball and are not made by Nike. The leather uppers are smooth and provide excellent ankle support and no agitation to your ankles. The mid-top section of the shoe is designed for secondary ankle support without cutting into the shoes air system for breathability. The midsole is designed to absorb the shock from jumps and running on your feet. The lining on the inside is made from textile fabric that adds extra comfort to avoid agitation on the skin. Converse Men’s For Three Mid Basketball shoes are both stylish and comfortable for wear on and off the courts.

4. NIKE Zoom Kobe III


These make number four on the list for their lower tops that provide ankle support and comfort. NIKE Zoom Kobe III basketball shoes are made from durable leather that prevents heavy wear and tear on the shoes allowing them to last through even the toughest conditions on the court. The thick sole provides for strong traction on the court improving speed and motion.

3. Converse Men’s RNS 2

converse-RNS 2

These rank the number three spot on the best mens basketball shoes list. These shoes combine style, color, and new technology to provide the best comfort and performance. The leather synthetic top creates perfect support for the ankle to avoid injury or discomfort. The tongue is complete padded for comfort as well is the collar. The cushioning uses new technology to create a support system for the soles of your feet for comfortable landings and running.

2. Reebok Men’s Zig Pro

reebok zigfury

This makes the number two on our list because of its airflow technology and it’s unique zig zag sole. The shoe provides great ankle support, while the airflow technology provides optimal breathability protecting your feet from moisture. The zig zag sole of the shoe provides for the best and strongest traction making you move around the court with ease. The cushion in the show provides support for jumping and landing, overall protecting your feet.

1. NIKE Hyperdunk

nike hyperdunk

The best basketball shoe on the market has to really shine and make you play like a pro, and that is exactly what the NIKE Hyperdunk basketball shoe does. Not only does the NIKE Hyperdunk provide your ankles with all the support it needs, but it also is a lightweight shoe that makes moving around the court a breeze. NIKE Hyperdunk uses flywire technology that combines the dynamics of space with the athletics of basketball to create a lightweight shoe that moves like a dream. The NIKE Hyperdunk has examined all the consumer reports on other Nike brands and has adjusted the cushioning in the sole, around the top of the shoe, and on the tongue for the most comfort and protection in running and jumping. The outside sole of the shoe has the most up to date traction technology to provide the best grip on the court.