Best Golf Shoes For Men in 2014

Every person who golfs knows the importance of a good pair of shoes. The list below takes all of the important features into consideration, as well as the look of the shoe and the price point, to present you with ten of the best choices for golf shoes on the market.

10. ECCO BIOM Hybrid

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This is a great shoe for people who want something they can wear off of the course as well, because they do look great if the style suits you and they don’t necessarily look like a golf shoe at all. The “Hybrid” part of the name refers both to its two potential uses, and the fact that half of the shoe is made of leather while the other half is synthetic, theoretically providing great comfort and flexibility where needed. It is a reasonably priced shoe, but one problem is that they may not be available in exactly your size since they offer no half-steps when it comes to sizes.

9. Footjoy Contour Casuals

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Footjoy Contour Casuals

This is another spikeless shoe. Where the previous shoe on the list was very much designed with golf in mind first and its use as streetwear second, these Footjoy shoes are sort of the opposite. That doesn’t make them bad golf shoes at all, but they are mainly for those of us who would rather have a good pair of shoes that can be worn on the golf course than an engineered science project at our feet, and they look very nice. They are fairly cheap too, so these should make a really great first golf shoe or a casual golf shoe. Also of note: They probably have the widest range of sizes I have ever seen, so it should be simple to find a good fit.

8. Ecco Golf Street Textile

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Ecco Golf Street Textile

This is a midrange shoe in terms of price point, and it does a really good job. It is one of the better shoes I have yet seen for a fair price. They are spikeless but they have a very good grip on them anyway. One of the big highlights here is just how breathable these shoes are, keeping your feet cool and dry at all times, which can be a really big benefit for some out there.

7. Nike Men’s TW ’14 Golf Shoe

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Nike Men’s TW ’14 Golf Shoe

Here we have our first classic, spiked pair of golf shoes, and while they are a little bit expensive for some they are worth the money if you want a really solid golf shoe. These shoes maintain fantastic contact with the ground through your swing and they keep you very stable. Unlike the other options so far on this list you can’t wear them anywhere but on the golf course, with very long and strong spikes and a pretty funky design, but this is a really great golf shoe and one that really stands a chance of improving your game.

6.  FootJoy 2014

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FootJoy 2014 Golf Shoes

These come in at around the same price as the Nike shoe above, but the style is quite different. These shoes are maybe the most comfortable you can find, with extremely soft leather and a special gel collar around the ankle to stave off any irritation. They have a very big area of surface contact and so they provide fantastic stability. They are even virtually waterproof, without needing a membrane.

5. ASICS GEL-Ace Tour

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The ASICS brand is pretty well synonymous with quality here, and these midrange shoes are no exception. They are spiked soles with great flexibility, and one thing many report is that the level of strain on your feet is virtually nothing when you are wearing these. Durable shoes like these with high flexibility are great choices, and they are also water resistant, and even feature a gel cushioning to make every penny of that middle of the pack price point a worthy investment.

4. Allen Edmonds Golf Shoe

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Allen Edmonds Golf Shoe

As we get into the top shoes on this list we’re going to see some really great looking options, and these have to be the best looking golf shoes I have ever seen. These aren’t just attractive golf shoes, but high fashion footwear which would look phenomenal in any scenario. That is if it wasn’t for the spikes, because these bad boys really are designed exclusively for the serious and statured golfer. I might put them higher on the list, but they are also the most expensive of the shoes I chose here by quite a good margin, so they are not for everybody.

3. Callaway Del Mar

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Callaway Del Mar

I wasn’t expecting to see many spikeless shoes near the top of this list, but at the end of the day all of our top three fall into that category. These are probably the most versatile shoe out there because they really do look like a normal, nice sneaker, and they can definitely be worn in that way too. They are highly flexible and place even pressure on all parts of your foot, not only looking like a sneaker but fitting like one too. Reasonably priced, and appealing to all types of golfers.

2. Adidas Adicross

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Adidas Adicross

I happen to love these shoes, because they are extremely lightweight and it feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all. they feature 124 traction nodules which provide for great grip and flexibility during your swing, and there is a special synthetic cap on the toe to prevent scuffing. While they might not be feature-rich, they are the cheapest shoe on the list and you really get a lot of bang for your buck here.

1. True Linkswear True tour

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True Linkswear Men’s True Tour

Dead in the middle in terms of price, but right up there with the best when it comes to both form and function. The best feature of these great shoes is the thin sole which keeps you very low to the ground, almost twice as low as the average golf shoe. Another great thing they thought of here is the comfort and balance of your toes, so these shoes feature a wider toe which allows your toes to flex and spread out the way they naturally do during your swing. There is probably no shoe out there which feels as completely natural, while giving you the great benefits of balance and traction that can help t improve your game, all for a very good price!