With more and more men all over the world waking up to the fact that their bodies almost need proper exercise and cardio to function at the high level that they’ve become accustomed to. The desire for the right and the running shoes men has shot up dramatically. Companies are answering the demand with a flood of new solutions using all different kinds of technologies and composite materials, making the decision to pick the best pair amazingly difficult.

Luckily, we break down, what we feel are the top 10 best running shoes for men on the market today, helping you to narrow the selection to find the perfect match for you.

10.Reebok Men’s RealFlex Running Shoes

what are the best running shoes for men

Designed specifically to closely mimic barefoot running as much as humanly possible while at the same time offering protection for your feet in a wraparound sneaker solution, these Reebok shoes dust the competition time and time again as far as performance goes. Certainly attractive, you’re deathly going to catch a couple of sideways glances when you hit the trail or track with these bad boys on.

9. ASICS Men’s Gel-Blur33 Running Shoes

the best running shoes

Widely regarded as one of the true pioneers in the men’s running shoe industry, ASICS has gained the reputation for being the footwear of choice for very serious runners. Even if you have no intentions of running marathons every single weekend – or even hitting the pavement more than a couple of times a week – you can benefit from these gel based solutions, which make sure that your feet are able to cushion all of the blows that running can cause. This will protect you from injury while at the same time helping you to recover quicker, getting you back out there to run day after day.

8.New Balance Men’s M750 Athletic Running Shoe

best running shoes for men

There is a very real reason that our armed services choose New Balance sneakers to issue to each and every one of their new recruits the moment that they reach Boot Camp. Designed specifically to protect the feet of almost anyone with ridiculous precision right out of the box, New Balance sneakers and running shoes like these are amazingly comfortable while at the same time offering a real performance. You’re going to find that your feet ache or hurt nearly as much as they would with other shoes, helping you to fully commit to your running program.

7.Reebok Men’s RealFlex Optimal Running Shoe

best stability running shoes for men

While there is no shortage of running shoe manufacturers out there who believe you have to fully enclose the foot in a protective surface similar to the armor of a tank to prevent injury, as these Reebok best running shoes men take a totally different approach. Offering controlled flexibility to create the optimal foot stride and landing point of professional runners even if you’re just getting started with the sport, these shoes will help you get into the best shape of your life faster than almost any others can.

6. Nike DART 9 Men’s Running Shoe

10 best running shoes

It would be impossible to have a list of the top 10 best men’s running shoes without mentioning one from Nike – and there might not be a better solution out there on the market than these. Reasonably priced as far as Nike shoes go but packed with all of the innovative technology and construction materials that this global sports icon has come to be known for, you won’t get better performance out of a set of footwear then you will every time you slip your feet into these.

5. Merrell Men’s Barefoot Trail Glove

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Though probably more well known for their line of hiking boots and shoes, Merrell went back to the drawing board – and all the way back in time – when they unveiled that these specific shoes. Unlike other barefoot running solutions that are little more than rubber socks for your feet, but these have complete and total protection in a ridiculously light running shoe enclosure that is the perfect blend of performance and primal action.

4. Reebok Men’s ZigActivate Running Shoe

top 10 best running shoes for men

Based on the premise that shocks in your car protect all of the necessary components from damage that can happen along every bump, jolt, and stretch of pavement that these Reebok shoes to give you shocks for your feet whenever you go running. Using the proprietary ZigActive shock platform to cushion the blow every single time your foot touches down, these shoes might look a little bit out of this world but so is there performance and comfort.

3. Salomon Men’s Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe

best running shoes for men

Maybe not as a household name that Nike or Reebok is when it comes to footwear, these shoes are the choice of professional trail runners all over the world who are looking for at the very best performance and a set of off-road running shoes. There is a distinct difference between pounding the pavement or a treadmill and stepping foot into Mother Nature’s gymnasium, one that you’ll learn the moment you try to run trails in regular sneakers or running shoes. And these have all of the necessary innovations – as well as interior stabilizers that protect you from injury – giving you complete and total confidence with every step.

2. Saucony Men’s ProgridKinvara 3 Running Shoe

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A very popular brand for marathoners and people who run 5K’s on the weekend just for fun, the shoes of the perfect blend of lightweight comfort and ridiculous performance that you just don’t find. Attractively designed using the latest and greatest synthetic materials to help your feet really breeze even when you are pushing to the limit, these are the kinds of shoes that you are going to leverage when you want to get the most out of your running.

1. New Balance Men’s MT20v2 Minimus Trail Running Shoe

best running shoes for men

The equivalent of ridiculously safe off-road tires, and these New Balance trail running shoes are perfect for when you want to slip off the beaten path and go where very few others choose. Running through the woods has its own list of dangers and pitfalls that you need to avoid, and unless you have the perfect pair of shoes – namely, these – you’re just begging to become injured. Luckily, these are also attractively designed for when you just want to get around town, really giving you the best of both worlds.