The Cheap Basketball Shoes For Men

Basketball players need good, supportive basketball shoes, but that does not mean you should have to pay hundreds of dollars. Here is our list of the top 10 cheap basketball shoes that will have you on the court without breaking the bank.

10. New Balance Performance Basketball Shoes

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New Balance Performance Basketball Shoes

The New Balance Performance basketball shoe has a rubberized sole with a herringbone tread that will allow you to pivot quickly, and have great lateral traction. This is a mesh and synthetic shoe that has a unique ABZORB foam foot bed that has a built-in, air pocket that goes all the way around the sole of the shoe to absorb the shock from running and jumping. Your feet remain stable during all movements, with the extra protection of the air pocket to prevent soreness after the game.

9. Fila M Squad Basketball Mid-top Shoes

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Fila M Squad Basketball Mid-top Shoes

If you love the old school basketball shoe, the Fila M Squad Mid-tops are a great choice. These all leather and Filabuck shoes have a medium high tops to provide you with plenty of support without sacrificing comfort. They also feature thicker padding around the ankle and tong to eliminate any chafing. The soles are made of rubber to provide great grip no matter what the surface, and the nubuck leather combination means you will be able to wear these for many games before you have to retire them for a new pair.

8. Pony Coil High

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Pony Coil High

While the Pony Coils are not a huge name brand, they have created a shoe that is tailored to a basketball player’s feet needs. The unique Coil System Technology wraps asymmetrically around the ankle and heel to provide maximum support from twisting ankles. This shoe also has an anti-friction lining to protect the feet from damage, and reduces the buildup of heat from running up and down the court. The outsole is made of a carbon fiber plate that helps maintain proper foot form, and rapid responses to direction changes. The tread pattern is also designed to provide even more traction to keep you moving quickly.

7. Reebok Men’s Thermalvibe Basketball Shoe

Reebok Men’s Thermalvibe Basketball Shoe

Reebok Men’s Thermalvibe Basketball Shoe

The Reebok Thermalvibe basketball shoe was designed to take your basketball skills to the next level. They offer the traditional high top design to provide the most support, while still remaining comfortable. These shoes are synthetic leather uppers to increase stability, and they also feature a breathable lining to help keep your feet dry after a long day on the court. The sock liner is fully molded to add even more comfort, which also adds to the overall durability of the shoe.

6. ASICS Gel-Crossover Basketball Shoe

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ASICS Gel-Crossover Basketball Shoe

The ASICS Gel-Crossover is a basketball designed to provide you with maximum comfort while pounding the court. Their Gel cushioning system absorbs the shock every time your foot hits the ground to take the pressure off of your ankles and knees. This shoe also has a fully ventilated sole to cut down on the heat and allow your feet to breathe. This is a great shoe for orthotic wearers with its completely removable and washable sock liner. The fully rubberized sole and mesh and synthetic blend uppers provide support and comfort.

5. Nike The Overplay VII Basketball Shoe

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Nike The Overplay VII Basketball Shoe

Nike Overplay VII shoes are a basketball shoe for those who are serious about their play, but not too keen on opening their wallet. These synthetic, leather, and mesh uppers provide great support while still allowing airflow to your feet. The midsole is a full length Phylon to provide extra cushioning where you need it most, and the shank is TPU to add more stability. The outsoles have a herringbone pattern with a built in pivot point to provide superior traction with great response to direction changes and added stability to keep you on your feet at all times.

4. Adidas Shake ‘Em Basketball Shoe

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Adidas Shake ‘Em Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Shake ‘Em is much like other run of the mill basketball shoes with their mesh and synthetic construction. However, these shoes are made of ultra lightweight synthetic leather that also provides added durability. They have PU insoles for comfort and durability, but also feature an extremely light toebox that adds protection without any added weight to keep you moving at top speed up and down the court.

3. Adidas A3 Superstar Structure NBA

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Adidas A3 Superstar Structure NBA

The Adidas A3 Superstars feature the unique A3 structure, spring loaded outsoles to provide your feet with maximum guidance and support. The uppers are made of lightweight synthetic leather to provide durability, without adding unwanted weight. These shoes have built in comfort in their polyurethane insoles, and feature the adiPRENE cushioning in the forefoot that also includes Ethylene Vinyl Acetate so that it completely forms to your foot for added comfort. The herringbone treads add superior traction so you don’ t get caught up on the court.

2. Fila DLS Stealth Basketball Shoe

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Fila DLS Stealth Basketball Shoe

The Fila DLS Stealth is a basketball shoe that also looks great for everyday where as well. The filabuck and synthetic panels are embossed to create a stunning visual, and provide added durability. They are made using doublelasted construction to create even more durability without adding any extra weight. The rubber sole adds traction, and the hardware around the eyelets prevent unnecessary strain from the laces.

1. Adidas Lyte Speed Basketball Shoe

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The number one shoe on our list of the top 10 cheap basketball shoes is the Adidas Lyte Speed. This all leather shoe is designed for maximum lightness and breathability, and feature Ethylene Vinyl Acetate that is compression molded to provide extra cushioning. The rubber outsole is non-marking black, and provides great traction control for your pivots. The added bonus of the adiPRENE inserted in the forefoot ensures your movements are more efficient, and helps propel you even farther with every step.

If you are looking for great basketball shoes at an even greater price, this list of the top ten cheapest basketball shoes should help you make your choice.