Why Tennis shoes are recommended for standing all day jobs?

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Choice of shoes for people whose job demands all day standing need to be comfortable, lightweight and durable. All day standing puts immense pressure on the arches and heel of the feet which often become painful and tired. Hence it is necessary for them to wear shoes that give support to the arches.

Here you’ll find the most comfortable tennis shoes standing all day….

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It is believed that tennis is an active sport which requires fast movements, jumps sprints and backward motions. These also put pressure on the heel and arches. Shoes with small heels are recommended to give support to the arches. Vigorous activity and all day standing demand a broad toe box. Tight shoes put pressure on the toes and can create discomfort and pain. Most shoes used by athletes and tennis players have laces. straps or Velcro.

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These act like seat belts of the car, preventing the foot to move in the shoe in an unwanted direction to protect injury. Every individual has a different arch and individuals who buy shoes for sturdy long hours must purchase a shoe with an adequate arch support. This can also be achieved by buying an orthotic insole which can be replaced in any casual shoe to give a customised fit.