Choosing the very best pair of cross training shoes is anything but easy. Not only are there thousands of different opinions in regards to which cross training shoes are the very best of the bunch, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different to choose from – all with different benefits, advantages, and other bits and pieces that may suit your needs right down to the ground.

However, that being said, we worked hard to create what we think is the very best list of the top 10 cross training shoes available – giving you the edge and advantage you need in picking the right shoes for your specific needs.

10. New Balance MX 623v2

cross training shoes

New Balance MX 623v2

Unsurprisingly, New Balance has a number of cross training shoes on this list – but the MX 623v2 cross trainers are definitely some of the very best (especially at this rock-bottom price point). While you certainly won’t be tapping into all of the different engineering and technological advantages that some of the more expensive cross training shoes bring to the table, this is still a reliable pair of shoes that you can count on moving forward.

9. New Balance MX 857

best new balance cross training shoes in 2014

New Balance MX 1157 NB

Another pair of New Balance shoes, the new MX cross trainers are a lower profile pair of shoes, but they certainly bring a tremendous amount of personality and pop as far as the color schemes and design aesthetic goes. Perfect for people who are looking for stability cross training shoes when they are purchasing cross trainers, these are definitely the kind of shoes that you can rely on the forward.

8. Reebok Infrastructure

top cross training shoes in 2014

Reebok Infrastructure

Reebok sneakers have always been some of the best in the world, and these cross trainer shoes are no different. Providing the perfect amount of arch and heel support that you need – as well as a full backing – these are perfect cross trainers regardless of what types of activities you’re going to undertake would be strapped to your feet. A little bit on the pricey side for an entry-level cross trainer, these are still the kind of shoes that are well worth your investment.

7. New Balance MX 20v3

best workout shoes for men in 2014

New Balance MX 20v3

As close to barefoot running and cross training as you can get while still having a parent shoes strapped to the bottom of your feet, the MX 20v3 New Balance cross training shoes are an interesting experiment in stripping out all of the different tools and technologies that so many shoes are made with and just giving you the bare minimum protection. Perfect for those who are serious about barefoot running and cross training, these shoes might be right up your alley. Comfort is surprisingly picture-perfect with the shoes, and they are certainly well worth a bit more research.

6. ASICS Gel Envigor TR

cross training

ASICS Gel Envigor TR

Designed and developed from the ground up to be relatively lightweight and super comfortable to wear, you might at first blush believe that these ASICS cross trainer shoes are basketball shoes from their profile. However, they have a number of interesting and exciting cross training technologies built right in – and are the perfect shoes for you to use across a wide range of different activities.

5. Reebok Realflex Transition 2.0

best reebol workout shoes for men

Reebok Realflex Transition 2.0

Building off of their smashing success of the original Transition cross trainers, Reebok has released the 2.0 version of this incredible pair of footwear – complete with a number of new and exciting upgrades. The old fabric used to create the outer of these cross trainers has been transition to a high-strength and aesthetic that is also ridiculously breathable, and with increased arch in heel support your feet are definitely going to appreciate this kind of investment.

4. ASICS Gel-Blur33 TR

best gym workout shoes for men


If you have a little bit more money to spend on your cross trainer shoes, you’ll probably want to look closely at this pair of elite level cross trainers provided by ASICS. While not exactly the most attractive shoes on the market today – they have a rather plain Jane appearance – these are the kind of shoes that you can rely on to provide you with hours and hours of the elite level performance and comfort. It’s difficult to imagine getting any cross trainer shoes that are a better match than these at this price point.

3. New Balance MX 797v2

Best New Balance Shoes

New Balance MX 797v2

Surprise, surprise – another pair of New Balance cross training shoes climbs the list of our top 10. These specific New Balance cross trainers are some of the most technologically advanced pieces of footwear offered anywhere in the world, thanks to their ridiculously strong and lightweight synthetic material, integrated heel support, and other “secret sauce” technologies that New Balance has included in the shoes.

2. ASIC S Gel-Express 3

best running shoes for men in 2014

ASIC S Gel-Express 3

It was a true tossup between our number two cross trainer shoes and our number one cross trainer shoes, but these ASIC S cross trainers just didn’t have the extras that our number one shoe really brought to the table. That being said, at right around $65 retail, it’s almost impossible to imagine any better shoes at this price point – you get the same kind of technological advantages and engineering extras you would from shoes that cost double what these ones do.

1. Reebok YourFlex Train 2.0

top 10 best workout cross training shoes for men in 2014

Reebok Your FlexTrain 2.0

Far and away the best cross trainer shoes available on the market today, these Reeboks are everything you’ve been looking for and so much more. Ridiculously lightweight, incredibly strong and durable, and offering the perfect blend of comfort, control, and elite level performance, there’s a reason why so many people continue to invest in these specific cross training shoes on a regular basis.

That literally is nothing else on the market today that can come close to these Reeboks in the cross training arena, and you’re going to fall in love with them the moment that you pulled the trigger on this purchase.

All in all, we hope that you find this information useful. These are the top 10 best cross trainer shoes according to our industry insiders – and no matter which one you decide to move forward with your going to get a world class experience.