Flat Feet

What Is Flat Feet?

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Flat feet is a common, painless condition when the arch on the inside of the feet are flattened, making the whole feet touch the floor while standing. This condition is a change in the shape of the feet in which the arch of the feet is not normal. It can develop in one foot or may be on both feet. The cause of flat feet can be the improper development of the feet in childhood. In some cases it can be a result of some injury. It occurs when the tissues holding the joints in the foot are loose. There are special shoes to give relief from this condition.

Pain due to flat fleet

Flat feet are a medical condition in which the arch of the foot comes to contact with the ground while standing. Most people do not face any problem with flat feet.  But sometimes this condition can lead to severe pain and reduction of the function of the foot. There can be pain in the ankles and knees because the condition of flat feet alters the right alignment of the legs.  Most complaints are pain in associated areas like the shin, calf pain and pain in the knee and back. In cases where the arch of the foot is very rigid and cannot bear any weight there may be pain in the arch with some sort of stiffness. There may be symptoms of constant tiredness in the feet and the area may be tender. In such cases low back pain is also common. Some people also complain of pain in the groin area and lower back while running fast or jumping.

Symptoms of Flat Arches or Flat Feet

Flat arches are a common abnormality present from birth. The arch or the inner part of the foot is a little raised from the ground. Other causes of flat arches or flat feet can be torn tendons, damaged of the tendons that connecting the lower leg , along the ankle to the middle of the arch, broken bones , nervous problem or due to some diseases like rheumatoid arthritis

Most flat feet do not cause pain.  Some children may get foot pain, ankle pain, or lower leg pain and few adults may feel tired after long hours of standing or playing games. Flat arches can put strain on the muscles and ligaments that link the bones to the ankle joint. Some people may experience pain in the inner part of the ankle, outer side of the foot, the calf and knee, hip and back. The inside of the foot can become swollen with flat arches.

Treatment of flat fleet

If there is no pain caused by the flat feet then no immediate treatment is required. However, people with flat feet should ensure to have supportive shoes or arch support soles when they are involved in running or walking. Orthotic shoe soles are helpful in giving relief to pain from flat feet. In severe cases there may be a deformity and surgery may be required to fuse certain joints. But this should be the last resort.