Comfortable Shoes For Men & Women: Good For Travelling Too

When we are in the market for a pair of shoes, we look for two qualities that stand out the most, comfort and style. Once we find a pair of stylish comfortable shoes, we tend to form a dedication to their brand because we enjoy the way their shoes fit our feet. Most people are thinking all the shoes on our list are probably going to be sneakers because sneakers are made for activity, but that is not always the case. This list will go through the most comfortable shoes on the market from dress shoes to sneakers

10. Rockport Shoes

most comfortable shoes

Rockport Shoes

Rockport shoes are not the most popular of shoe on the market and some people may have never heard of them, but they definitely score high in comfort. This company makes a variety of shoes from casual dress shoes to walking shoes. Rockport walking shoes have rated high in being comfortable on the feet and using ample support systems for a shoe that can walk for miles without even a sense of mild discomfort.

9. Dansko Professional Work Shoes

 comfortable shoes for women

Dansko Women’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog

Women beg and beg to find comfortable shoes to wear to work, let’s face it, heels look great, but aren’t always much in the comfort department. The Dansko professional woman’s clog is rated high on our list of most comfortable shoes. They are made from beautiful leather so they are great for a professional setting and are designed for comfort when standing at work all-day and still look great for the office.

8. SAS Shoes

most comfortable shoes for women

SAS Women’s Classic Slip on

Most people are familiar with SAS shoes even though they might not know it yet. SAS shoes are something you see on nurses or your grandmother. They aren’t much in the style department, but they get five gold stars when it comes to comfort. When you see a nurse who stands on her feet for twelve hours and sometimes longer wearing these types of shoes, you know they are comfortable.

7. Clarks Loafers

 most comfortable shoes for men

Clarks Men’s Armada Spanish Loafer

Clarks is yet another not so popular brand that is topping our list for comfort. These are perfect professional shoes for the office. A subtle black loafer that may not be much to look at when it comes to glam, but it feels like heaven on your feet. The shoes are fantastic because they are not only comfortable, but they also look great with various different outfits such as pants or skirts.

6. New Balance Classic Running Shoe

  the most comfortable shoes

New Balance Classic Running Shoe

New balance are a little bit more well known compared to some of the other brands on our list, so it should be no surprise they are on the list of comfortable shoes. Their running shoes are comfortable not only for running, but for everyday wear. Any shoe that is designed to support a runner’s foot is bound to be comfortable for everyday wear, and new balance classic running shoes definitely finish pretty close to the finish line in comfort and aren’t too bad to look at either.

5. Adidas Superstars

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Adidas Men’s Superstar Casual

The superstar shoe line by Adidas boomed in popularity in the early millennium and now we are saluting them for being one of the most comfortable shoes ever. Adidas is another shoe company that focuses on sports shoes, so they are designed with comfort in mind. Well, mission accomplished Addidas! These shoes are not only comfortable to wear for sports, but they are also comfortable for casual settings. Not to mention, they are not too hard on the eyes and come in various colors.

4. Reebok Zignano Sandals

 most comfortable sandals men

Reebok Men’s Zig Sport Sandal

Major Kudos to Reebok for bringing a sandal to the list of comfortable shoes. Everyone loves sandals because they are easy to slip on and keep your feet cool. The Reebok Zignano sandal fulfills all of these sandal requirements but is also one of the most comfortable sandals you can wear on your feet. Their ridges make you feel like you are walking on a cloud while you wear extremely fashionable shoes.

3. Converse Flip Flops

comfortable flip-flops

Converse Flip Flops

We are turning converses one star logo into five stars for their comfortable flip-flops. Converse is a popular brand name in shoe apparel, where high tops may not be your thing, their comfortable flip flops may just be right for you. You will be surprised how comfortable these flip-flops are because they look thin, but once they are on your feet, it is amazing just how comfortable they are.

2. Nike Runners

 Nike Runners

Nike Runners

I know most people are not surprised to see Nike on the list for the most comfortable shoes ever, but they may be surprised that they didn’t fall in the number one slot. Well sorry to disappoint but Nike does fall in one of the top spots for the most comfortable shoes ever. Nikes running shoes are worn by professionals are a one of the most sought after shoes on the market, not only because of their amazing brand and style, but also because they are comfortable for casual and athletic wear.

1. Puma Ortholite

best comfortable  fashion sneakers

Puma Fashion Sneaker

The puma brand has grown in popularity over the past decade and has been labeled the chosen shoes for runners. What is funny about this brand is their shoes are like an optical illusion. Most of their shoes are built to be slim, which to some may look uncomfortable, but they are the complete opposite. Puma ortholites come in many different forms but make you feel like you are walking on a pillow. Seriously, there is like a little pillow in your shoes, which is noticeable when they are new, but once you walk in them you realize the purpose of the pillow when you can stand all day on your feet and still feel like you just hopped out of bed.