Finding the right walking shoes for your specific needs is going to be absolutely essential, which is why we’ve put together this list of top 10 products. Each and every one of these shoes throughout this list are truly world class and well worth your investment, but at the end of this short article we are going to explain our choices for the very best and the one that is probably holding up the backend of the list.

We hope that this helps you purchase the most comfortable walking shoes you can find for your specific needs, giving you the ability to really get your health and fitness back into perfect working order.

For Men

5. AVIA Men’s A339M

Most comfortable walking shoes

While maybe not as much of a name brand as say Nike or some of the other big shoe brands out there, the fact of the matter is that AVIA has been creating some of the very best walking shoes and running shoes on the market for years and years. Relatively simple in style and looks – but with extra heel and ankle protection to give you the perfect stride and landing position with every single step – there is a reason that so many people take advantage of these fantastic shoes on a regular basis.

4. ASICS Men’s Express

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Much more performance-based then many of the other solutions on this list, you’re going to find that these specific walking shoes look a lot like runner shoes and offer many of the same benefits. Helping to keep your foot in the perfect position throughout the entirety of the movement that is responsible for walking, running, or jogging, you’re going to find that any pain or injury you may have felt in the past fades away the moment that you slide these onto your feet.

3. ASICS Men’s GEL-Tech

what are the most comfortable walking shoes

Offering some of the latest and greatest technologies and synthetics in the shoe industry – as well as no shortage of truly amazing innovations across the board as far as construction and implementation goes – these walking shoes have been designed for maximum comfort. The second that you slide these on your feet are going to be dry, cool, and infinitely stable over even the longest walks you could possibly take, helping you to get out there and really tackle the pavement or off-road surfaces with the ease.

2. Calvin Klein Men’s Chandler Sneaker

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Focusing almost exclusively on comfort and casual looks, these walking sneakers are not exactly the kind of shoes you take out into the woods or off-road. However, if you plan on hitting the pavement or just cruising around your local town with these that voice on your feet you’re really in for a treat – as every little subtle detail is not only packed with incredible style but also almost ridiculous levels of maximum comfort.

1. New Balance Men’s MW665

what are the best walking shoes

As close to the military option as a civilian is going to get, these New Balance shoes offer the same amount of performance and protection that our troops rely on as they go through basic training. If those shoes are good enough to take a beating during the most rigorous military training the world has ever seen, the odds are fantastic that they will help you on all of the walks that you’ll be going on in your day to day life.

For Women

5. ASICS Women’s GEL

good walking shoes for women

Using the same super gel material that the other men’s offering from this brand does above, women are also able to enjoy amazing comfort and stability while using the latest and greatest walking shoe technology on their feet. Offering a high enough ankle support to keep everything they just exactly where it’s supposed to be on every movement throughout the walk, you’re going to find that these are the perfect pair of high performance shoes if there ever was one.

4. AVIA Women’s El Moro

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With the exterior that looks much more like a hiking shoe than a walking shoe, you’re going to find that these shoes are perfect for pavement, off-road adventures, or just strolling around while doing some shopping. Giving you all of the exterior protection that you need while at the same time offering minimum waterproofing – with venting that allows moisture to leave the shoe without allowing water to get in – these are going to keep your feet dry, cool, and comfortable even during the longest walks.

3. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Slip-On

what are the most comfortable walking shoes

The ultimate in comfort when it comes to the walking shoes on this list, these slip-ons are always ready to go whenever you are. Sketchers spared no expense in the engineering and design of the specific shoes, making them out of some of the most incredible high-end materials to ensure ridiculous performance and amazing comfort.

2. New Balance Women’s WW735

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Much more fashion forward but at the same time understated as well, these New Balance women’s walking shoes are light, comfortable, and high on the stability that this brand has become known all over the world for. There is a reason that New Balance has been chosen time and time again to supply footwear to the recruits at all of the armed forces basic trainings in the United States, helping to protect their feet when they are walking, marching, and running just as they will help protect yours.

1. New Balance Women’s WW895

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Designed and developed specifically to help women who have irregular strides or improper landings when they put their feet down a really cute or all their ills when they are walking – opening up this important fitness activity to almost everyone – these New Balance shoes are some of the very best walking products out there on the market today. Designed to be subtle yet attractive, you’re going to absolutely be over the moon with the comfort that these shoes provide – as well as the amazing performance.

Final verdict

Even though this is a pretty tight race, with many of the shoes on this list being separated only by a few fractions of a point, the fact of the matter is that the very best walking shoes out there right now would have to be the ones produced by ASICS for both men and women, especially the Gel-Tech walking shoes. And while they are perfect for casual days around town, the two slip on offerings (the Skechers Women’s Go Walk Slip-On and the Calvin Klein Men’s Nevan Sneaker) are definitely pulling up the rear.