Men’s & Women’s Motion Control Running Shoes:

Motion Control Running Shoes are specially designed for mild to severe overpronator or people with very low arch or flat feet. These shoes help to correct the inward roll of their feet and provide good shock absorption in stride. Motion control shoes also help runner to avoid knee pain and injury. These shoes are built on straighter lasts or combination lasts pattern. Which means shape of a shoe and also the mold gives flexible flat arch in straighter lasts built pattern and cushioning flexibility in the latter one to control inward motion. Focussing on these very points, I have selected the best Motion Control Running Shoes for Men and Women, let’s have a look what these motion control running shoes are offering to support the feet for mid to long run.

Women’s Best Motion Control Running Shoes

Best Motion Control Running Shoes: Men

5. Brooks Men’s Beast ’12

brooks best motion control running shoes

Brooks Men’s Beast ’12

Brooks Men’s Beast ’12 Running Shoes are on the top line of motion control shoes that provide excellent performance for heavy to severe over pronators. The latest full- boot Brooks cushioning technology adapts with each foot stride to give a balance of cushioning and stability. The latest technical features in Men’s beast 12 running shoes gives midfoot support as well as letting the heel and forefoot to act independently. It is available in different widths and multiple colours. The running shoe is known to be an excellent athletic shoe for outdoor games and sports. The eco-friendly technology of Brooks BioMogo which is the first ever biodegradable shoe midsole has won the Runner’s World International Best Innovation Award of 2006.

4. Mizuno Men’s Wave Alchemy 12

Mizuno Men's motion control shoes

Mizuno Men’s Wave Alchemy 12

Mizuno Men’s Wave Alchemy 12 Running Shoe is a protective trainer shoe for injury prone runners. The Alchemy 12 has stability in which two plastic plates are sandwiched between the layers of midsole foam which help to protect the foot by slowing the inward roll and impact of shock. It is the firmest traditional shoe making highlights in the field of runners. The Wave Alchemy 12 Shoe has a streamlined yet supportive design, which provides the assurance of not holding back the runner. These are super lightweight shoes that provide the best control in walking and running. This could be an excellent choice for flat-feet runners under this category and also advised to get relieve the pain from Planter Faciiltis

3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation 8

best motion control shoes asics

ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation 8

ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation 8 Running Shoe is the best classic running shoe that offers true motion control and provides ultimate comfort. The spacious toe box gives enough room for the movement of the feet making it an ideal shoe for low arches and flat feet. It is a suggestion that this shoe should be bought a size bigger than the usual size. A size bigger makes the shoe more comfortable and gives rest to the toe nails. It also stays comfortable in long walks and runs of 10-15 miles. The super feet inserts in Gel foundation 8 have helped in relieving pain from plantar fasciitis. These shoes provide an excellent cushioning while running on hard surfaces.

2. New Balance Men’s M587

New Balance Motion control shoes

New Balance Men’s M587

Men’s Running – New Balance M 587 is a supportive motion control shoe that combines cushioning and stability that is mostly required by the runner. This New Balance sneaker has a breathable mesh and synthetic leather top with lots of comforting technology in motion control and shock absorption. It is a shoe that will never weigh one down as it is filled with features that are designed to cushion, comfort and support. New Balance M587 running shoe is an excellent choice for heavy over pronator. It is a lightweight comfortable shoe that comes in a variety of shades and designs.

1. Saucony Men’s Stabil CS3

The best motion cotrol shoes saucony

Saucony Men’s Stabil CS3

Saucony Men’s Stabil CS3 running shoe is a motion control shoe that provides a smooth flexible ride to the runner. The plush upper part of the shoe gives a lasting comfort to the feet and the premium cushioning helps in running for miles and miles… The Stabil CS3 from Saucony offers the stability for the severe over pronator with all the lightness and flexibility it provides in the stride. The shoe provides a snug heel support with excellent cushioning under the feet from heel to toe. The Stabil CS3 comes in sizes in standard running shoe length and heel varies from medium to narrow

Best Motion Control Running Shoe: Women

5. Brooks Women’s Addiction 10

women's best motion control shoes from brooks

Brooks Women’s Addiction 10

Brooks Women’s Addiction 10 Running Shoe is a specially designed shoe for women with low arches. It features multilayers of cushions for comfort from heel to toe. The Brooks DNA cushioning and the eco-friendly Biologic midsole cushion helps in protecting the feet and legs from the impact of shock created in the movement. The rubber outsoles give high quality traction to the feet. It comes in various categories that are based on factors like the running habit, the height of the arch and the physical frame of the runner. The upper layer is made of breathable mesh that keeps the feet dry and fresh by managing the moisture.

4. Merrell Women’s Proterra Vim

 motion control shoes

Merrell Women’s Proterra Vim

Merrell Women’s Proterra Vim Sport Hiking Shoe is a light weight that is ideal for hiking. It has a polyester mesh lining which manages the moisture that increases during activity. The unique upper fabric that is made of thermoplastic urethane overlays fits like a glove to give maximum comfort and support to the feet. The Merrell Proterra Vim Sport hiking shoes has sticky rubber outsoles that provide all-around versatility and traction to the feet. The heel to toe drop provides a balance between cushioning and feel. The shoe provides a comfortable support over the ankle. The Vim Sport Hiking shoe comes in a variety of colours and gives a very impressive look.

3. Saucony Women’s Stabil CS3

saucony women's motion control running shoes

Saucony Women’s Stabil CS3

Saucony Women’s Stabil CS3 Running Shoe is the best running shoe for women with severe pronation problems. It provides the most comfortable ride with a high quality cushioning system in the midsole. The upgraded Sauca fit to in the midfoot and the support frame in the heel enables a free and flexible movement of the feet. The Stabil CS3 cradles the feet and provides a foot hugging comfort. The removal of the midfoot shank increases the flexibility of the feet. The sock liner is updated to comfortlite which provides ultimate support and comfort in running. Women’s Stabil CS3 comes in various categories that are based on running habit, height of the arch and body frame of the wearer

2. Brooks Women’s Trance 12 Running Shoes

brooks motion control shoes

Brooks Women’s Trance 12

Brooks Women’s Trance 12 Running Shoe is the perfectly smooth running shoe that provides outside and interior comfort. It comes in brilliant shades of white, silver, royal purple and black colour. Brooks Women’s Trance 12 is made of one of the most eco -friendly technologies of bio degradable midsole which increase the life of the shoe and the segmented crash pad in the midsole which provides a smooth heel to toe movement. The built in bootie in the interior gives a silky feel to the feet. The trance 12 enables one to live large with a luxurious ride. The tailored feel to each person is provided by the full length Brooks DNA.

1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Fortitude 5 Running Shoe

asics running shoes for women with low arches

ASICS Women’s Gel-Fortitude 5

Women’s ASICS Gel Fortitude 5 is a comfortable motion control running shoe designed for large framed women. It is a light weight shoe with a broad toe and perfect heel fit. The firm midsole provide stability to the pair. Gel Fortitude 5 shoe provides extra support to the low arches. It is a perfect shoe for over pronators as it provides thick cushioning to the feet in every movement. The Gel Fortitude shoe gives perfect fit as it comes in various categories that are based on running habit, height of the arch and body frame of the wearer. The comfordry sockliner provides perfect cushioning and creates a healthier, cooler and drier environment.