Running is amazing though the idea of it may sound terrorizing to many who are accustomed to eating chips and cheese right out of the cans. Get working and active while you still have time and running is a perfect exercise for everyone who doesn’t have the time or luxury to visit a gym everyday. Besides, running as an exercise is affordable and as you get started, your body will slowly grow to love the habit. So, here are simple tips (Running Tips for Beginners) on how to get, set and run for starters:

Running tips for beginners

1 .What’s your goal?

If you have just started out, be determined and start with small distance and cover your goal everyday. Running small distances will help the body build stamina over a period of time and then you can gradually increase the distance.

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2. Get the right equipment

You don’t need costly machines or an expensive treadmill in the house. Just the right shoes would do. Wearing uncomfortable and wrong shoes will only lead to knee and other health problems in future so steer clear of uncomfortable footwear and invest in good quality running shoes.

3. Understand your biology and respect your body’s reaction to your new found love of running

Running takes energy so initially, you may begin to feel a bit too tired after running but maintain your interest as the body will eventually fortify the energy levels

4. Learn the tactics of running

Yes, a proper position and pace has to be followed. If you body’s position while running is not right, you may sprain your knee, ankle or hurt you back so use the appropriate position

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5. Warm up

Warming up will act as an indication to your body that you are about to run, so, brace yourself. When you finish running, a cooling down exercise will help the body get back in normal mode.

6. Run because you like it

If you are running just because your doctor told you to or because you just signed up for this marathon which you aren’t really interested in then running is not for you. Build your interested, get a running buddy instead of running alone and find out ways to make the exercise enjoyable for you so that you look forward to running every day.

7. Pay attention to your mileage

When talking about running mileage, the gradual increase rule comes true. Go easy on your body and slowly improve your mileage.

8. Breathe right

Many people don’t breathe right but just inhale and exhale at ultra speed. That’s wrong, don’t do that. Rather, practice breathing exercise everyday and develop a deep breathing habit. This will help you in breathing well while running.

Before you start running, understand that it can be highly beneficial exercise (think of all the endorphins and of course, the sculpted body). But if you take it as an exercise barrage then it won’t work. So, figure out your style and sooner or later you’ll definitely fall madly in love with running.

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