Standing All Day Shoes

Are you in an occupation that requires standing for long periods?

Would you prefer to wear footwear that is more comfortable without sacrificing fashion and style?

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These questions and several others related to proper footwear are dealt below as guidance to those faces problems on all day standing jobs. Standing is a part of job for many women and men in different spheres of life. It is a part of story of teachers, doctors, nurses, cashiers, bank tellers, chefs, hotel staff, healthcare workers, sales people and many more. Comfortable standing all day shoes should be used by men or women whose work demands standing most of the time during the day.

Feet are meant for standing, the shock absorbers of the feet are the arches. If these shock absorbers fail due to overuse, flat feet or poor position joints of the legs and backbone have to take the impact of walking, running and standing.  The tissues of legs and backbone and knees get inflamed and become more vulnerable to injuries when the arches cannot take support of the body’s weight. Footwear plays a vital role in supporting the arch.

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What problems do people face when you stand all day?


The effects of standing all day can cause health problems and soft tissue injuries. These include swollen and painful legs, varicose veins, knee problems, low back pain and plantar fasciitis which are inflammation of the connective tissues that goes from heel to toe. It has also been recently found that regular standing for long hours can increase the risk of hardening the arteries of the heart. A pregnant woman can face the problem of premature delivery and can also have low weight babies, if she stands for more than three hours at a stretch.

Standing for long periods of time can cause a decrease in the blood supply to the lower extremities. This increases fatigue and soreness in the muscles. Also, standing all day creates an accumulation of blood in certain parts of the feet and legs, which can lead to irritated and inflamed veins. Standing puts continuous pressure on a person’s feet which can also cause bone misalignment and degeneration of the joint.

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What type of shoes can cause problem if the job is being on your feet all day?


Pointed heels are the major cause of leg pain and aching feet. Tight and narrow toes smash the fingers causing bunions and pain in the toes. Shoes without cushioning do not impart comfort or support to the feet while standing for long hours. This leads to tiredness and leg pain by the end of the day. Tennis shoes with thick soles are best for jobs are to stand all day on the concrete. It doesn’t matter whether the shoe has laces straps or anything else to keep the feet in place while working. Shoes that are loose will constantly keep slipping off and will make the muscles of the legs tense which can result to ached ankles by the end of the day. Women are expected to wear “heels” in many jobs like that of an air hostess. But heels more than 5 cm high can force the body forward and the buttocks back. This can cause shortened calf muscles and develop knee and back problems

How to choose best standing all day footwear?

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Athletics shoes are best for those who stand all day. Those with feet problems need special sneakers, but others can use any comfortable shoes. Leather shoes are best for comfort because feet do not sweat in them. Shoes with some heel or heel-to-toe deferential are more preferable than flats .Proper arch support will add to the comfort. Proper padding in the insole will provide support as well as comfort. Casual shoes with gel inserts are best for long standing jobs. Shoes for all day standing should be well secured on the feet. Unfit shoes can make the muscles tense and result in tiredness and pain in ankles by the end of the day. In short shoes for all day long should have sturdy low heels, supportive, comfortable and does not change the shape of the foot. This footwear must have removable insoles to cushion the shock of walking and standing.

Exercise which can help you prevent back or feet pain.

It is not essential to do regular exercise to get relief from problems caused by all day standing. Just walking around the workplace for washroom, water, printer, meeting people is enough to break the monotony of standing. Certain stretching exercises can be done in the morning, at lunch or after work to warm the ligaments and prepare them to handle the stress of the day.

  • Try rolling a can under the arch of each foot for five minutes. It is useful in stretching the plantar fascia.
  • Pick a towel from the ground with the toes at least 30 times .The forefoot muscles are the supporting muscles and are the most important ones to be warmed up each day to prevent strain and inflammation.
  • Stretch the calf muscles with leaning against a hard surface with one knee bent and other leg straight
  • Scratch the floor with the forefoot several times. This gives a good movement to the feet, legs and knee.

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