Choosing the right tennis shoes has become almost impossible today. Not because there are so few high-end options out there, but specifically because there are so many. It’s almost too difficult to whittle down the different incredible choices available, causing a lot of confusion and frustration.

Luckily, we generated our list of the tennis shoes for men available in the market or online stores – providing you with the kind of buying guide you’ve been looking for.

10. New Balance Men’s MC656 Tennis Shoe

New Balance Shoes

New Balance has been making some of the most comfortable and high performance shoes for years and years now, and their tennis shoe is no different. Produced out of high-end synthetic materials and with a rubberized soul that is incredibly comfortable – regardless of how your foot likes to land – you’ll be playing some of the best tennis in your life the moment that you strap these bad boys on your feet.

9. Adidas Men’s Barricade Team 2 Tennis Shoe

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Another of the more highly regarded tennis shoe options available out there right now, Adidas has been responsible for sport shoes and casual footwear that is fashion forward while still delivering elite level performance at the same time. These tennis shoes are no different, in that they have a unique color scheme and pattern that really sets them apart from almost all others while at the same time retaining the performance advantages that this sporting equipment manufacturer has become known for. Definitely one of the very best tennis shoes options out there right now.

8. K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe

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K-Swiss started off as one of the more casual footwear designers, but they’ve been making power plays into the realm of performance footwear for a handful of years now. These tennis shoes are more of a plain Jane tennis shoe option, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from investing in them. What they don’t have in outlandish looks they do have in elite level performance – tapping into synthetic materials and unique construction procedures that give you the kind of high level impact you’ve been looking for.

7. K-Swiss Men’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

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Though many of the tennis shoe options available right now are of the low ankle cut variety, and these tennis shoes are specifically designed with a higher heel and higher ankle protection that you won’t find in very many other options. Designed for stability first and foremost, the comfort and style you’ll also be able to enjoy with these specific tennis shoes are off the charts.

6. Nike Men’s City Court VII Tennis

Nike Shoes

It would be almost impossible to have a list of the greatest footwear for sale right now without having Nike somewhere near the top of the list – and that’s exactly where these tennis shoes the long. Worn by many of the professionals out there competing for tennis championships and titles around the world right at this very moment, that these Nike shoes blend style and comfort in a way that the very few other companies can pull off. Everything about these tennis shoes screen performance, from the lightweight materials all the way through the synthetic solutions that they have been crafted from. Definitely one of the worthy investment you’ll be able to take advantage of on this list of top 10 tennis shoes.

5. Adidas Men’s Bercuda 2 Tennis Shoe

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With styling similar to their more traditional “shell toe” Superstar 2 casual sneaker design, these Adidas tennis shoes are performance footwear that will help you to compete in all of your tennis matches. Lightweight but offering an enormous amount of structural stability throughout the footwear – thanks to proprietary engineering and manufacturing processes unique to Adidas – the sneakers are absolutely worthy of attention.

4. Prince Men’s T-14 M Tennis Shoe

prince tennis shoes

While perhaps not as well-known as a footwear brand as some of the other names on this list, the reality of the situation is that these Prince tennis shoes have been making a big splash across tennis courts all over the globe. With attractive styling, good comfort, and promises of elite level performance the moment that you slide them onto your feet, it should come as no surprise to anyone that so many people continue to invest in this footwear on a regular basis. Though you may not know the brand as a household name right now, don’t be surprised if they become one in the coming years.

3. Nike Air Vapor Advantage Men’s Tennis Shoes

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A more stripped-down version of the Nikes other high performance tennis shoe footwear, the fact of the matter is that this is still a worthy pair of tennis shoes for those who are just a little bit serious about the game. Lightweight mesh and synthetic leather uppers for a comfortable fit, breathable mesh lining and a cushioned footbed provides all-day comfort.These Nike tennis shoes are still going to give you an edge and advantage when you’re playing on clay or grass.

2. ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed Tennis Shoe

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Though the brand is probably more well known for their running shoes than anything else, ASICS has been developing some of the best tennis shoes available on the market today. Taking many of their engineering techniques and insider information from their high-end running shoes and applying them directly to these specific tennis shoes, your feet will be lighter and more flexible – allowing you to cover more ground on the court and then you would have otherwise been able to.

1. Head Men’s Speed Pro Lite Tennis Shoe

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As stripped-down and basic of a tennis shoe as you’re going to find, these specific footwear solutions are still going to help you move around the court with ease and comfort. Lacking many of the special features that the other big names on this list bring to the table, these tennis shoes have a more conservative style to them – making them a perfect transitional set of footwear to go from the tennis court to the rest of your daily life without any headache or hassle whatsoever.