New Top Trail Running Shoes 2015 For Women


Running is a great way of keeping our body well shaped and an excellent mood refresher too. Running into various terrains keeps our body and soul stress free and releases the depression. One should not push beyond the limits while running, keep it mild and mood refresher. Shoes play an important role to get the maximum benefits from running otherwise hurting and ... Read More »

Top Trail Running Shoes Reviews 2015 :Men

Trail Running Shoes 2015 Men

Trail running shoes are intended to protect the feet while running in muddy, rocky and uneven terrains, where the feet require proper protection. Most trail running shoes are designed to address a proper contact between the foot and the ground, and outsoles which have deeper lugs or tread patterns to grip the trail and avoid slipping. These shoes can be ... Read More »

Best Trail Running Shoes for Flat Feet Men

Best Trail Running shoes for flat feet

A flat foot is the most visible sign of over pronation, which means that the arch of the foot collapses during the impact on the ground and ankle twists inward. Flat feet are a particular concern for runners as during the running gait the arch is supposed to support maximum of the body weight. Special footwear with specific technologies has ... Read More »

Best Cross Training Shoes : Flat Feet


Why cross training shoes are good for flat feet people? It’s always been a tedious task to find the best among the range of products. Selecting shoes with special requirement such as flat feet, high arches, bunions and plantar fasciitis needs thorough attention from design to comfort. This article is written for the best cross training shoes for flat feet. ... Read More »

How to choose footwear for Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar Fasciitis is a condition when the plantar fascia which is a flat band of connective tissue stretching between the toes and heel bone is strained, painful and weak. It causes pain in one or both the heels following periods of ling walking, running and standing. Tips when choosing footwear  for Plantar Fasciitis Proper Fit of the shoe is the ... Read More »

Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes Standing all Day

Day Ten: The Championships - Wimbledon 2014

Why Tennis shoes are recommended for standing all day jobs? Choice of shoes for people whose job demands all day standing need to be comfortable, lightweight and durable. All day standing puts immense pressure on the arches and heel of the feet which often become painful and tired. Hence it is necessary for them to wear shoes that give support ... Read More »

Running Tips for Beginners

Running tips for beginners

Running is amazing though the idea of it may sound terrorizing to many who are accustomed to eating chips and cheese right out of the cans. Get working and active while you still have time and running is a perfect exercise for everyone who doesn’t have the time or luxury to visit a gym everyday. Besides, running as an exercise ... Read More »

Best Running Shoes For Supination : Women


When foot doesn’t roll inwards sufficiently after landing referred as supination . This kind of motion put extra stress on the foot resulting knee pain. People with high arches and tight Achilles tendons supinate more. The best they can do is wearing shoes that stretches more, lightweight and with curved lasts make. Here are the best running shoes for supination ... Read More »

Best Shoes For Supination : Men


Supination is the natural movement of the foot while walking and running. It is the combination of the three movements of the subtalar joint is inversion, plantar flexion and adduction. Inversion is the movement when the foot turns inwards; plantar flexion is when the toes point downwards and adduction is the movement of the ankle. Supination shoes are recommended for ... Read More »